Sunday, 4 October 2015

What happens at B's stays at B's

Thursday, September 3 to Sunday, September 6

It was a cold and rainy and windy day - oops that sounds like a start to one of Mum's books. Well it was cold and wet but there seemed to be a lot of traffic between the house and trailer. I am not really sure because I was locked in the bedroom! When I was finally allowed out there was planes all set up in the truck - must be we are going on a flying weekend.

All my favourite doggie friends were there - actually all the dogs were there. One of the participants calls these events Rusty and Friends because I am they only cat. Well, there is one other cat but he is shy and stays mostly in his trailer. One of the dogs got really excited about seeing me and needed to be disciplined - a light paw on his forehead brought him into line.

It is a nice place to find lots of hunting spots - the pond, the fields, and the woods. I did manage to get a mouse trapped under the truck but Mum seems to think I need to let my mouse go! But there were still a few dragonflies and grasshoppers to be devoured.
What is in this pond?

This stump gives me a good perspective for mouse hunting.
The woodpile has good potential

 It was a little nippy at night. Sadly our battery was failing. We had enough juice to warm up the trailer at bedtime and and in the morning. Dad drove all the way home to pick up the generator and a new battery. He was able to charge up the battery but the generator failed. Although the rest of the weekend was very wet and rainy we were warm enough in the trailer.

Not much flying was done - too rainy and windy. The campfires were fun. And the wrap-up dinner was scrumptious - according to Mum and Dad. Pets at dinner are prohibited :).

Dad's fleet

J G deep frying turkeys

Tables all set up for the dinner.

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