Sunday, 28 July 2019

Camping Clear Lake - July MOFFA

Mum and Dad packed up the trailer and we were off. There were planes in the truck so I guess we are going float flying 😸. Dad has been working really really hard on his 415 - a water bomber. He is pretty sure it will fly but the first flight is always a little iffy. Dad had it all set up and ready to go when it started raining. It rained and it rained and it rained.  It was starting to be the worst camping trip ever!  
When is it going to stop raining? 😾

Dad even had to cook in the rain.

  By Friday the weather improved and Saturday was perfect flying weather. Dad's plane did fly well.
Courtesy of A.S. - MOFFA chronicler.
One of the other pilots spotted for Dad on the first flight. The 415 flew very well. What a relief!  When Dad went for the second flight he noticed a small flutter so the plane was grounded for the rest of the weekend. He did have the Northstar so he still had many hours of fun flying. 

We did have a bear scare while we were there. There was a big bang for the bear banger but I didn't see a bear that day. However the next day I heard rustling in the bushes. I peered and peered into the bushes. I even did the gopher stance to see better. There was still some rustling in the bushes so I slowly slunk into the trailer where I could watch from the safety of the table 🙈. I didn't even give a second thought to whether Mum was safe.... Mum was watching - the rustling turned out to be one of the boys playing with walkie-talkies. What a relief.

We didn't get our regular campsite but this wasn't all that bad. There was lots of mouse and squirrel activity. There was even a path that looked interesting. I didn't really want to go for a walk so I didn't even climb a tree. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

Camping Clear Lake

Mum says that camping is so Dad can fly his float planes but I think camping is for me.
View from my campsite

 I spent hours tracking a mouse in this pile of dead grass. I could hear it with my swivel ears. I pounced and came out with a mouthful of "mouse". Mum and Dad just laughed and laughed - it was mouthful of leaves and dead grass. 😖.
My other mouse hunting sport!

Twice a mouse did come out of the brush but Mum held me back. When Mum tried to scare the mouse away she kept advancing - claws out, teeth bared. A very brave mouse!

I was so involved in my hunting I didn't even notice the squirrel that ran right behind me and tried to invade our trailer!  And I didn't even climb a tree. Next time.

Dad did take me to the beach when Mum was making clay fairy houses. I did get to interact with a few of the dogs. They are so noisy compared to cats.

Dad got lots of flying and Mum did some social stuff besides reading her book. We did have a thunderstorm with hail. Some poor pilot had his plane covered except for the tail. The hail was very hard on that tail. We were snug and dry in the trailer but Mum had to change the supper menu.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Mum says that Dad made the planting boxes for her but I beg to differ. The blueberry box is the best place to hang out. There will be tomatoes and lettuce and spinach and kale and maybe peppers. All Dad's favourites.

I know we haven't been doing many posts. Last year was a challenge. First we went on long trek across Canada. I got to see many great parks and campgrounds, meet relatives and got to roam around in other houses. We had a special party for Gram's 90th birthday. When we were on our way home Dad got sick and needed emergency surgery in Timmins. I got to stay in a hotel and ride in an elevator. We even flew home so Dad could have more surgery. He spent a long time in hospital so Mum didn't have much time for me. Now she has more time and she will help me catch up on our travels. 😻

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where the birdies is

I really don't care
I have my chair :)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Winter Musings

As I lay here dreaming about my summer  adventures my Mum is trying to take my picture. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed she will go away :).

We did do quite a few flying trips plus two camping trips on our own. My favourite spot was Mcleod River Recreation area - there was a path for walking, wildlife to stalk and trees to claw.

Our last camping trip with the RC float flying folk did not start off well. It was very wet and very cold. Thank goodness Dad had made sure that the furnace was running properly before we had even left the yard.  It was the wrap up weekend so there was a big dinner. I wasn`t invited but I got to stay cosy in the trailer. There was a draw for prizes. Mum had spent some time putting together recipes from all the ladies into a cookbook. It got a very good reception. Mum was pleased it was more sought after than the hats :).

We did go for several walks. There were some courageous squirrels and chipmunks that kept me entertained. There was one interesting activity. One of the ladies wants to do a scrapbook so she was taking pictures of all the activites. She did want a group picture of the "furry" friends. It seemed to take a long time.

Are you ready yet?

Too many dogs.....

I'm outta here   

Not sure what our plans will be for next summer. I am sure we will do more camping with the float flyers (and their dogs). We may even do a long trip. In the meantime I am enjoying the warmer winter weather. Mum and Dad take me on walks around the neighbourhood. I get to chat with some of my favourite neighbours and check out all the cool smells. Summer is definitely more fun - not so cold on my toes.
Is there a mouse in here?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

McLeod River Recreation Area

We're travelling somewhere. There are no planes packed in the truck so we must be going somewhere new.  How exciting! I hope it is better than our last camping trip. We did end up at McLeod River Recreation area.

The sites were very nice - lots of room for hunting mice. Although after 3 voles and a bird (75% survival rate due to Mum and Dad's catch and release policy) I got put on a shorter leash. They said I had to give the wildlife a fighting chance. Although I think a cat that has no front claws and is always on a leash does have a disadvantage.

There was one very bold squirrel. He got right up on the picnic table while Mum and Dad were baking cookies. That is not something I am allowed to do - not fair. The squirrel and I came face to face several times but neither of us suffered any injuries.

 We took several walks down to the river.  There were good scratching posts and balance beams. Even camouflage. 

 One time there was strange movements across the river. I thought it might be a bear so I made sure we high-tailed it out of there.

After all that walking (Mum and Dad don't seem to be too keen on carrying me as much) it was time to hang out to keep an eye on the wildlife. Or maybe take a nap.
 It rained the last afternoon we were there so we all hung out in the trailer. Mum and Dad played cards and chit-chatted. All in all it was a good time so I think we may go back there.

It was good to get home where I could keep an eye on my own yard.