Monday, 29 June 2020

Camping Season has begun 😺

Miquelon Provincial Park,  June 2020

How do I know. Mum and Dad have been scurrying back and forth between the house and the trailer. So unless they are squirrels getting ready for winter it must be camping season. And I am going too - there is my travel bag with my food and toys.

We had a nice camping site at Miquelon Prov'l Park but there wasn't much wildlife - except for lots of mosquitoes! They even picked on me. We did see pelicans flying overheard and lots of robins. There was a rabbit one morning. The one time I did have a mouse in my sights Dad brought me in for the night. Even though Mum and Dad have a catch and release policy Mum says the park rangers are not keen on the "catch" part.

There was lots of walking but the gravel is hard on my paws. It was just nice to hang out in the fresh air. Staying in the trailer is great. We have a magic screen door so I can go in and out to snack as I please. Mum and Dad do not have to play butler.
Birds eye view
Chilling in my chair

Mum and Dad spent the evenings playing cribbage. Mum was ahead in games until I started helping. Dad even double-skunked Mum at least twice. 'Course they were sitting at my table so there was no reason why I shouldn't help.

We did arrive in time for poplar fluff season. It looked like snow and got into food, drinks and noses. It even made me sneeze!

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