Saturday, 7 September 2019

Garner Lake Provincial Park - Aug 19 - Aug 23

Mum and Dad are loading up the trailer - no planes and there goes my travel bag. Hurrah we're going camping! 😸 We didn't head west like we usually do - where are we going? We ended up at Garner Lake Prov'l Park. Although there was a small glitch - all the sites were reservation only. There was no staff and no self- reservation. We drove around and found a site. Luckily we were able to reserve at the gate so we didn't have to go home. 

Five minutes in and I am already dirty. Dad had to shampoo me. The smell of VO5 certainly hampered my stalking. Although by the second day the wildlife all seem to avoid our campsite. There didn't seem to be any mice but there were lots of birds, ground squirrels and ordinary squirrels. The ground squirrels would go into the underbrush and grab bunches of leaves in their mouth. Mum figures they're getting ready for winter. 'Course - we were surrounded by dogs - lots of dogs!
Our campsite.

Mum and Dad went for lots of walks. I got to go for shorter walks but the gravel was hard on my feet so sometimes it was more carry than walk. And did I mention there were lots of dogs - it was hard to find a route that didn't set off a chorus of barking dogs. I did meet a few people and some of them had even brought cats. Mostly indoor cats and apparently not other-cat friendly. And the people carry a canoe scared me enough to hide behind Mum. I'd never seen a canoe before! I even climbed a tree - twice. Well, it was the same tree but I did climb it twice. Mum didn't see but Dad saw so it counted.
Dad making cookies - a daily treat.

My hiding spot

The weather was quite nice. Only one thunderstorm at night. Mum insisted that the tent heater should be used in the evening during the cribbage tournament. For awhile Mum was winning most of the games but by the second day Dad caught up. They think it ended pretty even by the end of week.

It was the best week of the summer!

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