Saturday, 3 September 2016

Whitney Lakes Prov'l Park

Mum and Dad are scurrying around loading up the trailer. We are going camping! We ended up at Ross Lake - part of the Whitney Lakes Prov'l Park. Our site was quite nice - lots of space for lazing around. There was grassy parts that had good mouse-hunting potential.

There were some really nice trails so we went for lots of walks. There were times when I got tired and needed to rest. Sometimes I pretend to smell every leaf so I can have extra rest time. :) My legs are short!

An inquisitive squirrel.

Look at me being so brave crossing this wooden bridge. 

According to Mum and Dad the lake was quite nice  - reasonably warm for swimming but a little murky. There were lots of power boats with people tubing or knee-boarding.

 Mum and Dad left me in the trailer when they went to see Fort George and Buckingham House. These were competing trading posts for the Northwest Trading Company and the Hudson's Bay Company. They were only active for four or five years. There is not much left of them now.

 After 4 days it was time to go home. Mum and Dad liked the campsite but were not very pleased with the maintenance - especially in the washrooms.

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