Monday, 28 August 2017

Road Trips 2017

Summer is time for camping -sadly no pictures for most of our trips. Dad says now that I am a "teenager" there aren't as many photo ops :(.

We did two trips to Clear Lake for float flying. Mouse hunting was very good but there were too many dogs.

We did make one non-flying camping trip in Meadow Lake Provincial Park. We started out at Kimball Lake campground but the sites were in very bad shape. Mum was in tears. There had been two bad storms that knocked down many trees. On top of that all the campsites were torn up too make them larger so bigger RVs could use the sites. They were adding power to all the sites. All the nice sites with lots of trees between them were gone. It looked so bald. Dad was disappointed, too. He works really hard to make our trailer as power-free as possible.Now you have to pay extra for powered sites even though you don't need the power.

We ended up at Grieg Lake at a non-powered site. There I had my first encounter with a deer. There she was - walking down the road as neat as you please. The big floppy ears were very impressive but my tail is much finer. I found it best to observe the deer from the beneath the truck. The next day when we were out for a walk we had a more alarming encounter. One deer wandered down the road and hid in the bushes as we went by. She watched us very intently. Just as we passed the campsite and I though I was safe -- a dog started barking. This startled the deer and she went charging out of the bush followed closely by a spotted fawn. I was so alarmed I did a complete 180 backflip and fluffed out as big as I could go. I was so unsettled that Dad had to carry me the rest of the way back to our campsite. I checked every single campsite we passed and spotted two more deer lurking in the bushes.

We didn't stay much longer as it rained most of the time we there. On the way home we stopped in Vegreville to see the Psanyka I was still stressed by the encounter with the deer so as soon as I saw the giant egg rotating I wanted to leave the park. I almost pulled Mum over I was so intent on leaving.

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