Thursday, 7 December 2017

Winter Musings

As I lay here dreaming about my summer  adventures my Mum is trying to take my picture. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed she will go away :).

We did do quite a few flying trips plus two camping trips on our own. My favourite spot was Mcleod River Recreation area - there was a path for walking, wildlife to stalk and trees to claw.

Our last camping trip with the RC float flying folk did not start off well. It was very wet and very cold. Thank goodness Dad had made sure that the furnace was running properly before we had even left the yard.  It was the wrap up weekend so there was a big dinner. I wasn`t invited but I got to stay cosy in the trailer. There was a draw for prizes. Mum had spent some time putting together recipes from all the ladies into a cookbook. It got a very good reception. Mum was pleased it was more sought after than the hats :).

We did go for several walks. There were some courageous squirrels and chipmunks that kept me entertained. There was one interesting activity. One of the ladies wants to do a scrapbook so she was taking pictures of all the activites. She did want a group picture of the "furry" friends. It seemed to take a long time.

Are you ready yet?

Too many dogs.....

I'm outta here   

Not sure what our plans will be for next summer. I am sure we will do more camping with the float flyers (and their dogs). We may even do a long trip. In the meantime I am enjoying the warmer winter weather. Mum and Dad take me on walks around the neighbourhood. I get to chat with some of my favourite neighbours and check out all the cool smells. Summer is definitely more fun - not so cold on my toes.
Is there a mouse in here?

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