Friday, 7 June 2019

Camping Clear Lake

Mum says that camping is so Dad can fly his float planes but I think camping is for me.
View from my campsite

 I spent hours tracking a mouse in this pile of dead grass. I could hear it with my swivel ears. I pounced and came out with a mouthful of "mouse". Mum and Dad just laughed and laughed - it was mouthful of leaves and dead grass. 😖.
My other mouse hunting sport!

Twice a mouse did come out of the brush but Mum held me back. When Mum tried to scare the mouse away she kept advancing - claws out, teeth bared. A very brave mouse!

I was so involved in my hunting I didn't even notice the squirrel that ran right behind me and tried to invade our trailer!  And I didn't even climb a tree. Next time.

Dad did take me to the beach when Mum was making clay fairy houses. I did get to interact with a few of the dogs. They are so noisy compared to cats.

Dad got lots of flying and Mum did some social stuff besides reading her book. We did have a thunderstorm with hail. Some poor pilot had his plane covered except for the tail. The hail was very hard on that tail. We were snug and dry in the trailer but Mum had to change the supper menu.

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